Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wrong Turn In Development

As the growth of BigDungeon is part of what this blog is going to be all about I had to share this.
Early work on BigDungeon took a wrong turn in development. I was enamored with making the map look different and whipped up an alternate style from the typical square grid dungeon- the big hex dungeon. It was a cool idea but strayed a bit too far from tradition for my tastes after dealing with it for a while.

A portion of one map is below for the curious to get a glimpse at what will never be and some of what I was spent dungeon development time on.


  1. You know, though, if you increased your scale a bit you could make each hex actually a locale that could be mapped out on a one-page dungeon or some other compact format. It'd be akin to the "underworld as wilderness" concept you see pop up every now and again.

  2. Well, The Fantasy Trip used hex-based dungeons, I think.