Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Humanoid Roster (part 2)

Gnolles- Tall monstrous hairy humanoids. They have bestial maws and steely claws but not truly a hyena or dog like head despite rumors and folk tradition. In daylight gnolles are difficult to see appearing as fuzzy shadowy images, luckily they have difficulty seeing others in such conditions as well and are usually revealed by their sniffing out victims before they close in for the kill.

Elf-Dokkar- Unseelie elves who enjoy the company of goblins, goblinmen, trolls and wicked fairies. They use glammers to conceal their true appearance is gaunt, oddly drawn out and wizened compared to other elves and their large white eyes have a pupil but lack a colored iris.

Ghouls- thinking undead predators that trap and scheme to gain the flesh of the living and recently living. Older and well fed ghouls are able to work shapechanging and illusionary magics in the endeavor to fill their larders. Only poorly fed and recently inflicted ghouls exhibit the unbridled ravenous predation of popular myth. Some families of ghouls are rumored to secretly dwell among men secretly feeding on them and the remains of their kin.

Men, Cultists- worshipers and the priests who lead them can be found in the oddest of places trying to curry the favor and follow the commands of unspeakable deities and demons.

Troglodytes- degenerate subterranean dwelling reptilians. They once had a proud and advanced civilization but this was destroyed by unknown forces and they now ape mostly forgotten traditions and appeal to a host of (in their often flawed opinion) powerful beings in the hopes of returning to their former glory.

Skullmen- cruel humanoids that have large heads with the visage of wickedly fanged skulls. Some claim they are undead others that they are living few find out the truth. They will sometimes be found in the service of other dark folk but seldom turn to the aid of others in completing their own goals.

Thrag- living crossbreeds of troll, goblin and ghoul ? They are fierce predators and cunning tool users but not much for construction. They can be found in the company of other dark folk as mercenaries but are often distrusted. From time to time disparate bands of thrags unite under a king and attempt to dominate and conquer all around them enslaving the fit and feasting on the weak and wounded.

Bugbears- large hairy goblins. They are uncannily stealthful and able to hid in place one would suspect such a large being could hide, if a kobold or gnome could hide somewhere so can a bugbear. They use their hiding and stealth to wicked advantage when startling victims or when laying an ambush. These boogie men can also scale walls with surprising ease.

Ogres- large brutes with taste for the flesh of other thinking men. Young ogres can often seem to be common men and are only revealed by their wicked teeth as they age their malice is revealed on their brutish frames. Ogres claim to retain some of the knowledge of each vicitm they devour and this may be true as ancient misshapen ogres are said to work magics by some.

Spidrons- arachnid beings able to rear up on four legs and grasp weapons in their forward limbs. They are generally inimical to all and only the most ancient of web clusters are known to tolerate bargaining with other speaking folk.

Bugganes- Large powerful and furred boogie men of ogreish stature. They have tusks and fangs and burrow beneath the earth. They will feast upon those who disturb them and are sometimes employed to commit acts of ruin and murder by unseelie faeries and a host of other dark folk.

Gumps- murderous ogre-kin that can be found dwelling near other dark folk and possibly in the employ of said folk but this can be dangerous as their stomachs govern most of their behavior. They take pleasure in dwelling among the leavings and domiciles of those they have consumed and will remain in such places until they have truly fouled the former dwellings of their victims.

Trolls- Fierce brutes that dwell on the surface and deep within the earth. They are well known for their generous dietary range and their wicked physical abilities. Some trolls can be found with many limbs and multiple heads and seemingly as they gain more heads they learn little snippets of lore which can prove to be valuable or dangerous to others.

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  1. These are great. I really like the gnolls, skullmen, and trolls.