Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Style fixed

After far too much experimentation and artistic anguish I've finally got a mapping style set for the
BigDungeon. Here's a section with grid and walls only that demonstrates the basic look.

The amount of fiddling I've done is pretty major for me. I usually don't worry too much about how things look for other people but as this is public, here you go.

I'm cheating on wall thickness and angles with a custom grid that marks quick wall placement to go along with a standard grid and an over-layed grid turned 45 degrees.
Here's a section of the grid for the curious:

I can draw up levels digitally and on paper with this grid and it makes turning things easy as heck. The grid lines in both orientations don't line up except for in the center (and a few lucky spots) because I wanted the squares on the angled sections to measure accurately and not be distorted. Players will likely go nuts trying to get a tape measure accurate map of the BigDungeon and that's appropriate in my opinion.