Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Exploring the BigDungeon

I haven't been making much use of this blog lately. Plans come and go. I've been playing with programming some of my own tools lately as I mentioned a while back on my otherb log. New plan : have BigDungeon host a big semi-randomly generated dungeon and explore it together with readers, play reports can go in comments for a dungeon section and restocking/updating/editing will be applied to old posts and future posts.  
I hope to actually get the first batch of levels posted within the next couple weeks. I'll mention it on my main rpg blog and here when they are posted.


  1. Sounds really interesting - looking forward to following the development!

  2. Still a coming, life just decided to be a big old pain in the butt right after I typed that entry... still coming just behind my loosely defined super secret schedule